Redefining 3D Printing

Their Goliath

Autodesk was the dominant CAD brand for more than 30 years. However, it was a relative newcomer in the emerging 3D printing market. For their new additive manufacturing platform to succeed, it needed to establish credibility quickly. It also had to contend with two well-entrenched brands that dominated the market.

Our Solution

Hundreds of other companies were also doing innovative work in 3D printing. Rather than take on the two market leaders directly, we positioned Spark as a connective tissue for the whole market. Working in-house, I launched this new platform brand through global events, thought leadership, digital campaigns, and account-based-marketing.

What We Did

Verbal Brand
Visual Identity


Brand Architecture

Spark Brand Architecture
Spark Brand Architecture

Ingredient Branding

Product Marketing

Product architecture diagram
Product architecture diagram

Product Launch

Partner Marketing

Technical Marketing