Smart ideas deserve strong brands

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I help simplify complex ideas and tell stories that resonate with both investors and customers.

Bringing an innovation to market can feel daunting. It needs to be understood first before it’s loved. Working collaboratively with clients, I get at the heart of what makes each offering unique. Together with my design partners, we find creative ways to tell brand stories through identity, presentations, marketing materials, or whatever experience will have the most impact.


1. Discover

Uncover hidden truths about your offering: who needs it and why does it beat the alternatives?

• Brand Audit
• Competitive Analysis
• Audience Definition
• Stakeholder Interviews
• Market Insights

2. Define

Shape your brand’s core purpose and story with a combination of creativity and business acumen.

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Architecture
• Positioning
• Messaging
• Experience Strategy

3. Design

Consistently spread your brand's message using hand-crafted written and visual building blocks.

• Identity Design
• Brand Guidelines
• Naming
• Voice & Tone
• Tagline & Content


For more than 20 years, I’ve helped innovators tackle their biggest branding challenges. Turning complex ideas into stories that resonate is my passion. I’ve launched products in evolving and competitive markets like urban mobility, big data, and 3D printing. My combined in-house and agency experience gives me a unique perspective on how branding can impact your bottom line.